What Our Customers Have To Say

Walking Tour, Don’t Miss!

I had a great time today in my walking guided Tour of Union Square and Chinatown! It kind of made me feel like I really belong to S. F.! Thank you, Rajni, for this beautiful day!
Monica M


Although I grew up in San Francisco, I am consistently amazed at how much intriguing history there is to learn about The City. I loved being a tourist in my hometown, and Valerie was knowledgeable and personable. I appreciated her ability to gain access while respecting the workings of the various establishments we toured.
Rosalyn M

Amazing Tour Guide

Andrea was very informative and friendly as a tour guide. She was also helpful in suggesting other things to see and do in the city.
Amy S

Walking Tour Of Nob Hill

I had an excellent morning adventure with Andrea, highly recommend this tour. As a frequent traveler, I usually seek out small knowledgeable tours when I go to visit places and this tour did not disappoint. She was on time, a good communicator, humorous and knew her facts and history of the buildings, city and people. I think the fact we are both educators made it even more special as she had so much to teach and at the same time was open to listening to questions and learning more ‘to connect the dots’ of who/what/where/when in this beautiful city. If you are looking for a small and personal time, you will enjoy this tour!

Untold Story

A wonderful tour led by a very knowledgeable guide, Valarie, who imparted lots of information about the rise of banking in the Old West.
We were able to enjoy the amazing interiors of the early banks, some are still banks, others are repurposed. The original Bank of America is now a high end men’s clothing store! We ended at the Palace Hotel on Market Street and are looking forward to going on the Nob Hill Tour next time we visit SF.
Valerie H

Things I Never Knew Were There!

Our guide, Radje (sp?), was very knowledgeable and organized. We saw so many architectural details in Union Sq. restaurants, bars, and hotels that we never would have found on our own. And we come every year in October to the city. From beautiful cove ceilings to art deco bars to modern abstract paintings, it was all a delight. We learned some history too, and she got us to look up in Chinatown in order to see the colorful curving Chinese roofs. Definitely worth it.
Susan B